Calling an All-Congregational Meeting

This past Tuesday night, our Call Committee invited the Staff and the Church Council to a dessert event to meet the candidate that they have chosen to serve as our new half-time Associate Pastor.  After starting their task all the way back in April, 2018, and then changing things up from a search for a full-time person to a half-time person, they’ve finally reached the end of their search.  After meeting the candidate and getting to know this Pastor better, the Church Council has indeed decided to promote this person to the full congregation for consideration for a “Call.”  The Council now officially has scheduled an All-Congregational meeting for Sunday, March 10 at 10:15 AM.     

I held ten or eleven one-on-one meetings with different candidates since last spring, and the Call Committee itself interviewed five candidates.  They further held two ‘second’ interview events.  Now, they have found their candidate, and the Council has approved their decision.  It is time for you to attend this special meeting where we will reveal the candidate’s identity and share other relevant information.  Then we will take a vote on calling this person to be our next Associate Pastor.  With the Synod’s guidance and assistance all along the way, we have followed a helpful process to get ourselves to this point.  It did take a little longer than anticipated, but these things sometimes do.     

On March 10, we will design our worship services to be somewhat abbreviated, so as to make sure we have time right in the middle of the morning – at 10:15 – to call ourselves to a meeting, provide the necessary information on our candidate, then take a vote.  Following that, if the congregation does extend the ‘Call,’ the candidate always has a certain amount of time to consider the offer, and respond to the invitation.  We’ll also be in communication with our Bishop and her office for final details that will need attention all along the way.  But we definitely can say we have reached the culmination of all the prayerful efforts from these past ten months.     

We want to especially thank our Call Committee Chairperson, Laura Oman, for being such a faithful and dependable leader for this task.  And I thank the other members of the Call Committee who gave so much of their time and energy: Joanne Bethke, Ellie Boros, Donna Even, Erik Hromatka, Nicole Kulbaba, Reid Mathers, and Sue Provo.  We will show our appreciation to them at our All-Congregational Meeting.     

Over these next few weeks, please continue to keep our congregation in your prayers as it is always a very important decision to call a new pastor to come and serve a church.  We’ll look forward to sharing more details about our candidate at that meeting, and as a reminder, all church members, Confirmed-age on up, are eligible to vote.  Direct any questions you have to me, or to any member of the Call Committee or our Church Council.     

See you in church,  

Pastor Josh

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