Autumn Walk

Today’s Stewardship Video Clip is from committee member Jessica Groff who takes you along with her on a walk through the woods. She shares a reminder that getting back to nature is a gift from God’s own hand, and it helps us reset our hearts and minds. Taking good care of self is a part of the overall Stewardship process that has each of us caring for each and every little thing that God gives us.  AUTUMN WALK

GUEST PONDERING BY DAVE BIXLER: Stewardship Committee Member

“Take care of all that matters.” What does that statement mean to you?

We all have our own priorities of what we hold dear; our health, our family and friends, our church, neighbors, and the world to name a few. Family of Christ acts as a conduit and catalyst to care for all that matters in so many ways. Through FoC we have tools to take care of our Spiritual Health (Bible Studies and Worship Services), Emotional Health (Southwest Grief Coalition) and Physical Health (Yoga, Bowling, and Softball).

FoC helps us take Care of our Relationships through groups such as Common Thread, OWLS (Only with Littles), Spartans Men’s Group, and Senior High Ministry. Also, through fellowship opportunities, such as the Block Party and the annual Church Musical, we can reach out and form lasting relationships in the community.

We have abundant ways to take care of our relationships with one another and reach beyond the church doors to help others. Such ministries as Mana Meals, Quilting Ministry, Prayer Shawls, Our Saviour’s Shelter, Treehouse, Feed My Starving Children, and Mission Trips to El Salvador are all avenues we can take in showing our care for others.

Taking care of Creation is also an important part of FoC’S ministries. The Recycling program within the church cuts down on our environmental footprint as well as cultivating our Rain Garden which reduces pollution.
Each of our offerings become an integral part of supporting Family of Christ’s wide range of ministries. The gifts of time and talent are also essential in making disciples making a difference. As Commitment Sunday approaches it is time to count our many blessings. Stewardship is truly God’s Work, Our Hands, and our congregation embodies that motto. Now it is up to us to take care in sharing these gifts, using them for the glory of God, and the work of the church.

God’s blessings to you all! –Dave Bixler

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