Best Seats in the House

Did you know that Target Field, where the Twins play, has a water collection system that lets rainwater drain down through the field, run into pipes, and get collected in huge vats to then be recycled and reused?  Or that Target Field burns its own trash and so creates electricity for itself and its neighbors.  And did you know that Target Field has one of the highest (if not the highest) environmental ratings among Major League Baseball stadiums?  All that and more I learned when I took a tour of Target Field last week, led by a member of our church, John Hill, who works for the Twins organization.  He typically gives tours to children throughout the year, but he had a big group of adults last Sunday afternoon, and he showed us some of the great ins and outs of the ballpark, taking us to the tip top Budweiser Deck, and down below into the tunnels too.      

We got to sit by the lockers in the Visitor’s Locker Room, as well as wander through one of the party rooms – note the price on the picture.  Made me think that we could maybe hold a church council meeting there sometime, as long as everyone is willing to split the cost!  We learned about the interesting background story to the great big flag poles, and that the giant TV display was made in South Dakota.  We saw tributes to Kirby Puckett, Rod Carew and Harmon Killebrew.  They had a quote by Harmon on the wall as he said, “I found out early in life I could hit a baseball further than most players, and that’s what I tried to do.”  It would appear he found his life’s mission early on, and lived it out fully.  His total homerun output for his career was 573 which is amazing enough.  But add to that his RBI statistic, which is Runs Batted In: 1,584.  Wowsa!   We sat in the press box, and learned a great story about Herb Carneal, the long time Minnesota Sports Announcer.  Group members enjoyed taking selfies while sitting in one of the dug outs, and further tried out the most expensive seats in the stadium right behind home plate.  Those seats are super cushy and they have extra-sturdy cup holders!      

Which brings me to the point of this little devotion to help kick off our fall at Family of Christ – or wait, maybe I should say ‘batter-up-time’ for fall at FoC.  There’s a picture of me sitting behind home plate which I was able to do because the Twins were far away in Detroit that day.

If it were a home game, I think security would have rushed me out of there rather roughly!  But it was nice to camp out there for a moment.    Here at church however, this coming Sunday morning, there will be plenty of seats for everybody!  And we are egalitarian around here, meaning that every seat is a good one, and equally available to all.  If there’s any jostling for seats, it is usually in the back row, so do know that there’s always plenty of room up front!  Getting up close to the pulpit is kind of like being right behind home plate in that here is where the Word of God is shared, and the words of eternal life are proclaimed. That’s a pitch you’ll want to receive!     I look forward to rallying together this Sunday to help launch our fall slate of ministries.  Let’s see each other in church, and remember: services are at 8, 9, and 10:30, and we’ve got a great line up planned for the morning where we can all hit it out of the park with our prayers, songs, and praises! 

See you in church – Pastor Josh

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