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The Wombat

I write today in praise of the lowly wombat, lowly only in the sense that it burrows underground creating a homey labyrinth of tunnels.  But it is a mighty wombat to be sure because of what rescuers in Australia have been discovering.  You may already know this, but wombats are short-legged, muscular quadrupedal creatures native […]

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“Angst”- free movie screening

THIS WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 15 at 6pm   Anxiety affects us all in one way or another, either because we deal with it ourselves or someone we know does.   Join us for a free screening of ANGST, a film about anxiety, truth & hope.   Using candid interviews with real teens about anxiety, tools that […]

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Survey Says!

Our survey results are in!  This past November, 148 of our church members went online to take a rather lengthy survey provided to us through the Holy Cow! Consulting Company.  Our 2020 Vision Team – a group charged with creating a strategy-for-ministry report for Family of Christ commissioned this survey, and I secretly hoped that […]

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