Call Committee 2019

Call Committee April 2018

 The church council has appointed the following people to serve on an Associate Pastor Call Committee.
Front:  Pastor Josh Nelson, Nicole Kulbaba, Erik Hromatka, Ellie Boros. Back: Donna Even, Joanne Bethke,
Sue Provo, Laura Oman (Chairperson), and Reid Mathers.


On February 19, our Call Committee invited the Staff and the Church Council to a dessert event to meet the candidate that they have chosen to serve as our new half-time Associate Pastor.  After meeting the candidate and getting to know this Pastor better, the Church Council  decided to promote this person to the full congregation for consideration for a “Call.”  The Council now officially has scheduled an All-Congregational meeting for Sunday, March 10 at 10:15 AM.  Pastor Josh held ten or eleven one-on-one meetings with different candidates since last spring, and the Call Committee itself interviewed five candidates.  They further held two ‘second’ interview events.  Now, they have found their candidate, and the Council has approved their decision. 

On July 17, the Call Committee met to begin compiling potential interview questions that we could ask candidates for the Associate Pastor position.  We put together a good working list of questions, but will email each other to fine-tune the language and also to decide who will ask which question.  Chairperson Laura let us know that the synod is in receipt of our MSP (Ministry Site Profile) but will likely wait for the Bishop to return from vacation before discussing the MSP with us.  So we are on a waiting pattern for a couple of weeks.  We took a new selfie of our team, though we note that we were missing Donna and Reed from our meeting.

On June 26, the Call Committee held their longest meeting to date as we assembled all the various writing projects that we had been working on throughout June.  We entered into some discussion a various parts of the MSP (Ministry Site Profile), then worked each section, one at a time, editing the rough draft.  The team worked very well together, and was able to get a majority of the MSP finalized.  Our chairperson, Laura Oman, will now finish the online document, making it ready for both our Church Council and the Mpls. Area Synod to review and give us recommendations as we move forward.

On May 30, the Call Committee divided up writing assignments. They met and discussed the variety of responses received through our surveys of various committees and various congregants.  Pastor Josh shared some data that the staff has compiled about our congregation.  Next, Chairperson Laura Oman divided out writing assignments so that pairs of committee members can begin formulating the first draft of the ‘Ministry Site Profile.’  We hope to turn written work into Laura ahead of our next meeting, so that we can have a working document at that time, June 26, in order to create a second draft.  Pastor Josh will connect with the HR team to work on a job description that is being impacted by the results of our surveys.

On May 1, the Call Committee worked on a survey. The Call Committee met this evening and invited Pastor Sue Engholm to speak to us about our service and mission area that encompasses Chanhassen, Chaska, Carver, Victoria, Eden Prairie and more.  Using date collected by “Mission Insite,” Sue presented information about the people who live in these west-metro areas to help us better understand our communities.  Pastor Josh next gave some feedback on the surveys that the Church Council, the Staff, and the Call Committee have all taken.  This is to help provide some definition around the job description for our next Associate Pastor, as well as provide information for the writing of our Ministry Site Profile.  The Call Committee discussed and set some dates to invite congregants to fill out a survey and turn it in as a further guide for us in our work.

On April 11, the team kicked off their work by meeting with Pastor Craig Pederson, Assistant to the Bishop for the Mpls-Area Synod.  He walked them through the process, discussed a time-line in general, and distributed the team a handbook that the Synod has developed for Call Committees.  Our next tasks are to begin developing an Associate Pastor job profile, as well as a Ministry Site Profile as both these documents will be instrumental for our process.  The team set their next few meetings for May and June.  We will continue to provide updates on this web page as our work progresses.


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