FoC Covid19 Update


SUNDAY- November 29

Livestream worship on our YouTube Channel at 10 am

PASTORAL CARE & PRAYER REQUESTS:  Reach out to Pastor Josh or Pastor Kimberly with any prayer concerns or troubles you may be facing.  If there is something they can do to help you, they sure will try, and that goes for the church staff and the church council too.  Use their emails, cell phones numbers or leave a message on the church phone (952-934-5659) and they will get back to you.


The season of ADVENT begins a new cycle of the Church Year.  It runs the four Sundays from Nov. 29-Dec. 20.  Our theme is “Born to Reign in Us Forever.”  And though this will be a most unusual Advent and Christmas season, we will still find ways to lift up our joy and hope and celebrate of the birth of Christ.

ADVENT CALENDAR  Your Family of Christ Staff created a 2020 Advent Calendar designed to  help you remember who you are as a Beloved Child of God and what you are called to do in the world. Each day contains a Bible reading, activity, and a food collection idea. There are some fun ideas, all of which do not have to be done but are simply suggestions for you to participate in during advent. Click HERE for the Advent Calendar.

“ADVENT: WHILE WE WAIT.” We are preparing to email out a devotion on each of the four Sundays of Advent at 4 pm (these will replace your weekly Travel Guide emails). Watch for crafts, singing, Christmas Family pictures and more to start coming your way on Nov. 29.   If you are not on our email list, request your email address to be added by texting “FAMILYOFCHRIST” (all one word) to 22828 or email Lynn Winkleman.

PREPARE YOUR ADVENT CANDLES  This year during Advent we are inviting you to participate in our Candle lighting services right from the comfort of your home.  Here is how: As we light the candles of Hope, Peace, Love and Joy in our sanctuary each Sunday  during worship, we are asking that you light a candle in a prepared Advent space in your home at the same time. In the picture you see the items you will need for this Advent worship space (5 votive candles, some greenery (optional), index cards and a pen). You can make this as fancy or as simply as you wish. Each week when we light a candle and then instruct you to light your own, we will sing a song together and then give you and your family an opportunity to write down prayers based on the theme of each week.  We too are sad that we cannot share the same space this year, but knowing that you are participating at home makes a real difference in the way that we can be church together.


SUNDAY SCHOOL, CHRISTOS & CONFIRMATION– All youth education will take place online this fall.  Sunday school (age 2-2nd grade) will be on zoom at 8:15 and 9am each Sunday.  Email Teri Burns to get signed up.  Christos (3rd-5th grade) and Confirmation (6th-9th grade) will take place on Wednesday evenings.  Email Teri Burns (Christos) or Leann Thompson (Confirmation) to get registered.

SEEDS OF HOPE- Thank you to all who have renewed your sponsorship fees for the 2021 school year.  SoH continues to invite any who are interested in sponsoring students in El Salvador to reach out to the Pastors or visit the Seeds of Hope Website for more information and contact information.

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MENTAL HEALTH & WELLNESS PAGE– Please check out our Mental Health & Wellness page where we list a variety of resources.  We will be updating and adding to this page often so be sure to check back to see what may be new.


TAKE CARE TUESDAY (care for self, care for others) is our way of emphasizing the need to take care during this pandemic. We will post a short devotional, tip, exercise or prayer that can help you frame your day in a positive light. This weekly morning post will be on FB, Twitter and Instagram (search #takecaretuesday).