Family of Christ Presents “Cinderella”

Well – as hard as it is to believe, we are just two weeks away from Opening Night for this year’s all-church musical production of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella!  

It always amazes me to see the flow of these weeks leading up to Performance Weekend. The church buzzes with creative energy, both on Sundays and Wednesdays as cast members sing and dance their way through rehearsal, as well as nearly every other day of the week as members of the Pit Orchestra and the Set/Stage, Costume, Lighting and Sound teams sew, paint, construct, rehearse, measure and bring their visions to life, transforming our Sanctuary into a place where stories and dreams come alive. It’s magical!  

With all the thought that our Production team puts into choosing the musical every year – considering cast size, age range, suitability for a church audience, portraying a positive message, etc. — I often find myself contemplating what kinds of life lessons our participants might be taking away from the show each year. And this year is no different.  

There are three messages that come to mind for me:  

DON’T STOP BELIEVIN’ – While this isn’t one of the musical numbers in this show, this message is most definitely part of the story! In spite of all the obstacles in her way, Cinderella didn’t give up. She could have easily allowed all of the hurdles placed before her to discourage her to the point of throwing in the towel. But she didn’t…she hung in there. We can all learn from her perseverance.  

WORK, DON’T WAIT, FOR YOUR DREAMS – It may have ultimately taken a little magic to make her dreams come true, but the bottom line is that Cinderella didn’t take her dreams and her future for granted. She certainly didn’t just sit around waiting for something to happen. She took initiative, she worked hard to make things happen and her hard work paid off.      

KINDNESS AND LOVE ARE MORE POWERFUL THAN CRUELTY AND HATE – Every time Cinderella’s step-mother or step-sisters lash out at her in mean and unkind ways, it seems reasonable that she would lash back. Who would blame her? Most of us would likely admit that would be our natural human tendency. And yet, she doesn’t. Cinderella is kind, not only to those who are kind to her, but even more remarkably, to those who don’t seem to deserve her kindness. That may be the most powerful lesson in this story. Cinderella’s actions always came from a place of kindness and love. Is there a more powerful force in this world? May we all take that lesson to heart as our own stories continue to unfold.    

I hope you’ll join us for one of the four performances March 13-15 (tickets are available at and see what other messages you hear from this delightful story as 105 cast members, 20 pit orchestra members, and countless behind-the-scene volunteers share their God-given gifts with us.     

See you at the show!  

A special note about our Final Dress Rehearsal – If you know of someone with mobility or sensory issues that would make attending one of the four regular performances especially difficult, please contact me (Leann Thompson) about the possibility of attending our final dress rehearsal on Thursday, March 12.    
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