Get Ready to Meet the New Associate Pastor!

Good news everyone — Pastor Kimberly Buffie has responded to our Call to serve us as our Associate Pastor—and she said yes!  That is terrific and exciting news, and what’s more, she can start with us as early as Palm Sunday, April 14.  She and I recently met to work out some calendar issues, and figure out when she can enter into the life and flow of our congregation.  Though Palm Sunday is the start of a very busy stretch for our church, she’s willing to jump right in and we’ve got plenty of work for our newest Pastor, to be certain.  She has also agreed to be our preacher for Maundy Thursday, April 18, and she’ll be our Presider for the Easter morning services. 

I hope you very soon will be able to make her acquaintance as she’ll begin keeping office hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and also be with us Wednesday nights, and Sundays.  Being that she is starting work with us on Holy Week, we won’t schedule an Installation service for her just yet, but we’ll find a time to do that in the near future. 

Pastor Dick Braun has been assisting us in a part-time capacity since last November, and he will continue to work with us through the month of April, and then give a final sermon on May 5.  We will also be able to share a public thank you to him on that date, and give God thanks for the ministry that Dick has shared with us these past many months.

Even though this has been a longer-than-planned-for time of transition, God has been very good to us, and blessed our church in so many ways.  Now we look toward a new chapter of ministry as we welcome Pastor Kimberly onto our staff, and I am eager for us all to get to know her better, and to be able to meet her family too.  Thank you all for your prayerful support throughout our Call Process.  Thanks to the Call Committee who begin their work 11 months ago, and so faithfully saw that whole process through, working with our Bishop and Synod, and working with our Church Council and staff too. 

Many people have helped bring this moment to fruition, and so now it is up to us to clean out the Associate Pastor’s office (which has been used as extra storage lately). We need to get her computer up and running (Marty Schaeferle will help with that).  We’ll help her meet the staff at a welcome luncheon, to soon be scheduled.  And we’ll find some opportunities outside of worship for people to meet and become acquainted with Pastor Kimberly Buffie.  Let’s welcome her with open arms, and put her right to work!

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