History 1

Family of Christ Lutheran Church was born on an Easter Sunday, April 6, 1980.  A core group of about 30 households had decided to exit their involvement with Living Christ Lutheran Church in Chanhassen, due to Pastor Nate Castens’ resignation from that church over a challenging and spirited discussion over the proposed leadership role of women.  212 people were in attendance on that Easter Sunday when the young church launched its ministry, and Pastor Nate was indeed called to serve this new congregation.

The name, “Family of Christ,” was chosen in order to emphasize that in Christ, people are indeed made brothers and sisters, knitted into a loving and supportive family.   Some of the early characteristics of that mission-minded congregation are still quite evident today: being a liturgical church with historic roots yet innovative ideas; enjoying an open and welcoming spirit with lots of room made for new members to belong and impact the ministry; encouraging full participation and leadership from men and women in every role including clergy, council presidency, staff, lay leadership, and more; exhibiting a healthy willingness to respect the differing opinions that inevitably arise among people who are passionate about life and faith; valuing the variety of people’s theological and musical sensibilities; and fostering a consistent emphasis on benevolence and service.

History 2

Family of Christ, a member of the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America), grew slowly but surely throughout the first ten years of its life, building its first church building at 275 Lake Drive East, just west of the Chan McDonalds.  In the 1990’s Family of Christ experienced strong growth, in part due to the population growth that Chanhassen and Chaska were experiencing.  In 2001, the congregation moved to its present location at 2020 Coulter Boulevard, and address which was chosen by the church to reflect the goal of having very focused and healthy vision.  Since then the congregation has continued to enjoy solid growth and strong financial support from its members.  Hopes, dreams and prayers continue to abound for Family of Christ to be a relevant and involved presence in our community, and a church that continues to be faithful to its Gospel calling.

Here is a listing of the Pastors who have served Family of Christ:

Pastor Josh Nelson from 1996-2000, then again from 2012-present

Pastor Susan Engholm from 2017-2018

Pastor Jeanne Aamot from 2014-2018

Pastor Nate Castens from 1980-2010

Pastor Kristie Weber from 2001-2003

Pastor Kristie Hennig from  2005-2017