Mental Health Resources

Welcome to our Mental Health and Wellness page

We know this is a stressful time which can create anxiety, fear and grief. Therefore, we have created the following pages and links to provide you with some valuable and helpful resources during this Covid-19 outbreak and beyond.

God desires for you to have life and have it abundantly but you, like many, may  struggle when there are messages that drive up fear and a situation that encourages isolation. Promoting good health physically, mentally and spiritually is our shared endeavor with God, just as caring for our neighbor’s health is an expression of Christian love and service.

We hope you find these pages to be a valuable resource to you and your family.



Mental Health Connect


Working together is better- Family of Christ has joined Mental Health Connect.

Mental Health Connect is an interfaith collaborative group that works to reduce mental health stigma and educate people in, or connected to faith communities.

There are two specific entities there is an education piece where we, our staff or other professional speakers host mental health presentations or events. This can include mental health focused Sunday services, community outreach participation, (community meals, food giveaways, community health partners, etc.) special educational trainings or events during the week also.

The second part is the resource part. A navigator works with congregants, community members and other referrals to provide specific, personalized, confidential and free resources. Some of the categories of resources include, Mental Health, Substance Use, Financial, Insurance, Food, Housing, and Basic needs. A Navigator works with a person/family for as long as they need to in order to get the person/family connected to the appropriate resource.

What this means for you: You now have access to this well connected group to help guide and connect you to the services you need. Please Click Here to go to their webpage to find lots of resources for you to use and information on how to connect with a “Navigator” to assist you in making the right connections with regard to mental health issues.

If you have more questions regarding the benefits of MHC or need more information please contact our own Kris Spangrud and Alysson Gebauer who are ambassadors for this organization.

  Click Here if you’d like to subscribe to receive the monthly Mental Health Connect newsletter sent directly to your email.


Special Information for Parents and Kids From NAMI

Check out this important video on mental illness created by Family of Christ member Ellie Thompson, Communications and Events Coordinator for NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Wisconsin.  Let’s Talk About Mental Illness is a fun and engaging video made for elementary age kids to start the conversation about mental illness.  And while the video is geared to kids, the information provided is applicable and timely for people of all ages. 


 This link to the NAMI Wisconsin website also includes downloadable worksheets and other resources to encourage further conversation on this topic.




FoC Take Care Tuesday

Please check out our Social Media accounts each Tuesday for “Take Care Tuesday” tips (search #takecaretuesday).

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Carver County Mental Health Resources

CLICK HERE for Mental and Behavioral Health Resources within Carver County.

Challenging Times Support Group Flyer 3


NE Minnesota Synod

The Synod that serves NE MN (Duluth area) has a wonderful webpage full of resources for talking with your kids and teens about COVID-19. There are so many great articles and videos you are bound to find exactly what you need here. CLICK HERE



These resources are informative resource materials provided on an “as is” basis. Mental health is a complex field. The information provided here is not complete and does not cover all issues related to mental health. Over time, website links and articles may become outdated as new research and theories emerge.

Always seek the advice of a mental health professional or other qualified health provider for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment if you suspect you or someone you know has a mental illness or mental health condition.

If you are in crisis, please call 911 immediately.

If you are having suicidal thoughts, call 1-800-273-8255 (TALK) to talk with a trained counselor.