Periodic Pondering

What Were They Thinking?    

Solveig Nelson, Summer Media Specialist      

Question: What have you thought about working here at Family of Christ?

Solveig: “I’ve loved it. It’s hard to think about the summer ending. I came in very nervous at the end of May, not being confident enough to think this is something I could do. It was not an intern position so I’d be on my own fully taking on this part time position, where I’d go to staff meetings and produce work everyone will see on Sundays. A real adult job! I quickly surprised myself with how much I loved it. Each week I felt like I accomplished so much, checking things off my to do list, sharing my ideas and opinions and getting to create this summer’s pondering, which has been so much fun! There’s some creativity in making the MediaShout presentations for Sunday mornings. Putting in my own little jokes, easter eggs, and meaningful images. And don’t get me started on how awesome the staff is. It’s amazing and special to have a work environment where you can feel safe, loved, and supported. This was a very special opportunity and has opened my eyes further to what goes on behind the scenes at church. There are so many small moving parts and people that are in the background that not many people see that go into a Wednesday night service or a Sunday morning service. If you are someone that is thinking about joining a group, participating in an event, volunteering, or doing anything at this church, I say absolutely do it! Family of Christ is filled with kind, supportive, smart, and faithful people that love this church and want it to continue growing and succeeding. So, I think I made the right choice choosing this for my summer job and I can definitely see myself doing something like this in my future again.

A Few Announcements:

POLKA WORSHIP SERVICE AUG 25 With an oom-pah-pah and some terrific musical accompaniment, we will liven up some old hymns on Sunday August 25th at the 8:30 & 10:00 AM worship services, singing in the style of happy folk music that inspired polka dancing. No matter the music style, however, the Gospel good news is always proclaimed in our worship. If you are interested in helping to lead the singing for this special polka Sunday or to add an instrument, contact Mary Renz at    

OUR SAVIOUR’S HOUSING We are looking for volunteers to prepare a meal, or to help serve dinner to the residents of Our Saviour’s Housing on Friday, August 16th. Prepared meals or food items can be dropped off at FoC, and the servers will bring them along to serve that evening. If you would like to be part of this ministry, there is a sign-up sheet on the CIA bulletin board near the kitchen for you to sign up to bring food, serve or both. Contact Melissa Gunderson with any questions at or at 952-807-1122.    

COMMON THREAD The August event is going to be Saturday, August 17 – RIB FEST at Emanuel Lutheran Church in Hamburg, MN. For ride-share meet at FOC at 4:30 PM. For tickets in advance (lower price) contact Kay and Jim Leonard at or 612-817-7891. Prices: Seniors (62+)  $16, Adults  $25. Join us for fabulous ribs and lots of fun!  

PARKING LOT APPEAL The Church Council invites any extra gifts from folks who can help us fund the repair, resurfacing, and repainting of our parking lot. We will be using Building Fund dollars to help manage this big bill, but any extra gifts in August from the congregation will be a huge help in managing the project, which is set for Aug. 8. See the display and the specially marked offering envelopes if you are able to share an extra gift.

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