Periodic Pondering

When I heard about this summer’s Sunday theme of, “What Were They Thinking,” it instantly got me thinking that I wanted to have this theme connect with all ages of our congregation and hear what people thought about our church. Or what they are thinking about right now (like me as I’m always thinking about cats). The staff thought this would be fun if I wrote these up for the ponderings this summer and for an extra blurb in the bulletins.   I’m searching out people to answer questions directed toward what they are a part of in this church so we can all get to know more about what goes on at Family of Christ,  just as we start to learn about what certain people in the Bible were thinking. I hope you will also ponder these questions after reading and even discussing with others. Enjoy! -Solveig Nelson, Summer Media Specialist 

What Were They Thinking?  

Leif Nelson-Seminary student at The Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago        

Question: What do you think of Seminary?

Leif: “I am enjoying seminary! I’m having a great time. I think it’s a great experience for me because I really get to dive into the Bible, into theology, and about how to really be a pastor. I got to see a lot of it growing up being a pastor’s kid, but now getting to understand that, woah, this is who I am; this my faith; this is how I built it; and now how I can live it as a pastor. It’s a marvelous experience to get to know myself and what I believe.”         

Question: What do you think is something someone interested in seminary should know? 

Leif: “They should know it is a lot of work but it is rewarding work. There’s a lot of things you don’t expect; it’s not just a Sunday morning get up and read a sermon kind of thing. There is a lot of pastoral care, a lot of working with families, a lot of visiting people in hospitals, a lot of work you don’t always see on Sunday mornings.”          

Question: Who do you think is a lesser-known character of the Bible that you like?         

Leif: “Ohhh boy, the first thing that comes to my mind is a really weird guy that’s only referenced in two places the Bible, first in Genesis and then in the letter of Hebrews. His name is Melchizedek. He is a high priest whom Abraham meets in Genesis, then later, the writer of Hebrew names Jesus as a priest, although Jesus wasn’t a part of the priesthood. So Hebrews says that Jesus was a member of the order of Melchizedek instead. So basically, this says that Jesus was a high priest basically in his own right. Because Melchizedek wasn’t a priest in any formal sense, he was his own thing. So, they said that Jesus, like Melchizedek, was his own thing.”  

Becca Even-Summer Youth Ministry Intern         

Question: What do you think of your summer intern job?         

Becca: “Well, so far, this is my fourth day, and it’s been really fun. I’ve gotten to do a lot of fun things. And I’m really excited to plan some fun events and get to know the youth in our church a bit better”          

Question: What do you think this church could do to attract more teenagers/young adults?         

Becca: “Hmm, I think it’s hard with teenagers and young adults because their schedules are already so busy, so I think part of it is finding a time that works for people. And just finding activities that are different and that would make them rather chose this because they wouldn’t do such an activity anywhere else.”

A Few Announcements:

SUMMER WORSHIP SCHEDULE: Worship Services are at 8:30 AM and 10:00 AM.    

SIMPLY SUMMER HAS BEGUN: Our summer midweek fellowship and outdoor worship will continues on June 19 with the meal starting at 6 PM, and the Outdoor Worship at 7 PM. Activities for children, youth, young adults, and adults take place throughout the evening as well. Come and be part of a joy-filled evening at Family of Christ throughout the summer, which will include Luther Crest week, an ExSOULtation  concert, our Block Party, a Root Beer and Hymns sing-a-long, and the Pet Blessing.    

OUR SAVIOUR’S HOUSING We are looking for volunteers to prepare a meal, or to help serve dinner to the residents of Our Saviour’s Housing on Friday, June 21st. Prepared meals and food items can be dropped off at FoC, and the servers will bring them along to serve that evening. If you would like to be part of this ministry, there is a sign-up sheet on the CIA bulletin board near the kitchen for you to sign up to bring food, serve or both. Contact Melissa Gunderson with any questions at or at 952-807-1122.   

CARE FOR OUR RAIN GARDEN Our Creation Care Committee invites folks to help weed our Rain Garden this coming Tuesday, June 18 from 7-9 pm. We need some helpful folks who can provide some loving care to our garden to keep it healthy and beautiful. Join us that evening anytime during that two-hour work shift, and help us beautify our garden  

COMMON THREAD’S NEXT EVENT is a Sunday Brunch at Oak Ridge Hotel and Convention Center Seasons Restaurant for June 30 at 11:30 AM. Please indicate that you plan to attend by emailing Bill and Joyce McMahon at WilliMcMah@aol.comby Wednesday, June 26.     

YOUNG ADULT BBQ! Calling all Young Adults (including recent high school graduates)! Join us at Family of Christ on Saturday, June 22 at 6:00 PM for burgers & brats, s’mores, lawn games, campfire worship, and a movie on the big screen. Stay as long as you can for great fellowship and fun.

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