Re-opening Family of Christ

Guiding Principles

We, the people, are the Church, and we are not confined to a building.

• As we work to welcome our worshipping community into the sanctuary for worship this fall, the safety of all who gather, is our guiding principle.

• We will continue our online ministries and safely follow the guidance of the CDC and our MN State leaders, and we will welcome your return to the sanctuary when you are ready.

• We will continue to develop safety protocols, practices, and procedures to provide a safe worshipping experience.

Reopening Date

Starting on April 11, we’ll begin welcoming up to 50 in-person worshipers to an 8:30am worship service.  We’ll invite you to pre-register, and follow precautions, including being masked during your time in the church building.  The service will be kept short at 30 minutes, with minimal singing, and we’ll refrain from a coffee fellowship time for now.  If weather permits, we can gather on our outdoor patio afterwards for conversation and fellowship.

Starting on April 25, we’ll begin welcoming up to 50 in-person worshipers at the 10 o’clock worship service, which will continue to be livestreamed.  We will ask people to pre-register, and to follow all precautions, including wearing masks.  Sunday school will continue being online only and there will not be nursery care available.

Caution is Encouraged

• If you are ill and/or you have underlying health conditions, it is recommended by the CDC and MDH, that you exercise caution and continue to worship online.

• If you have been in close contact with someone who is ill or who has tested positive for Covid-19, please stay home and worship with us online.


Worshipping Face-to-Face will be Different

Procedures and practices have been developed to provide a safe worship experience, so there are several changes that we want you to be aware of:

Register for Worship

• We ask that you sign up for worship so that we can follow the capacity guidelines that the State has in place.

• To allow for recommended social distancing we are limiting each service to 50 worshippers.

• If you do not have access to the internet or need assistance, please call the office (952-934-5659) by noon on Friday to reserve your spot.

Masks & How to Enter/Exit the Building

• Masks are to be worn by all people who enter the building (except children under 5) and must cover your mouth and your nose (we have a small supply of masks available for those who forget to bring their own). Please follow the CDCs directions on how to wear a mask.

• Worshippers will be welcomed at the main door and hand-sanitizing stations will be available as you enter.

• After worship, you will be dismissed by rows, from the back to the front of the sanctuary (to minimize close contact), then please exit the building and practice social distancing as you greet other worshippers outside.

Reducing Touch

We know that the virus is primarily spread via aerosols, tiny airborne particles, however, to be cautious:

• We have removed all hymnals, Bibles, pencils, and envelopes from the sanctuary.

• The offering will be received by dropping your donation into baskets in the narthex as you exit worship. Or you can make donations online.

• Communion will be served using disposable communion kits with bread and wine.

• Coffee will not be served.

• The pastors will greet worshippers, but will also keep a safe, appropriate distance.

Less Singing

• As the virus is most readily shared via aerosols, singing, the forcing of air from the body, is a higher-risk activity that we will be reducing. We’ll have less congregation singing, and we’ll ask that you sing softly into your mask as the musicians lead the songs from a safe distance.