Say “Yes” to God

Whew! I have officially hit the ground running here at Family of Christ and already I am learning to save time and breath by referring to this new home as FoC. I am so very excited and energized by this new call in ministry. But then again, it wasn’t my idea. Let me explain…

Everyday we are presented with choices at home, at work, at school and even while driving to and fro. In fact, we are presented with many choices, multiple times each day. Just pause and think about that: you just made a choice to think about that or not.  Each choice requires a response. We oscillate between responding to these choices with a basic “yes” or “no” or “maybe” and sometimes with a “let me think that over for a while and get back to you.” Did you ever stop to think that you also are presented with many choices, multiple times a day from God? We are! Each one of us when we pause and listen are given opportunities by God to respond in faith. Like our other relationships it is important to tend to those choices and answer faithfully.

Sometimes out our fear our response will be a quick and absolute “no” and sometimes our response is a “maybe” and sometimes it may be a “let me think on that a while longer.” But what happens when we lean into God, trusting in God’s invitation to say “yes” even when we do not yet know how it is going to all work out? Well, you might just end up going back to school to be a pastor, start a church from the ground up, be in the process of adopting three young children after being an empty nester for 4 years, only to then become an associate pastor at FoC. All true for me, but take heart, your “yes” may look entirely different.  I truly believe that saying “yes” to God’s invitation, though it may seem scary at first, is also the place where abundant life and joy happens. Take it from me, I know. Though I am slightly exhausted (ok, really exhausted) after my first day serving as your new Associate Pastor, I am very thankful and filled with gratitude to be in this Call with all of you. I thank God for it and I want to thank you too. So, please don’t be shy and introduce yourself to me and my family in worship. I look forward to getting to know each of you by name, though it may take me a while.

See you in worship!
Pastor Kimberly Buffie, Disciple of Jesus

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