I have always liked the verse from Romans 10:15 which says, “How Beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!”.  In fact, it was part of our reading last week in worship. Did you notice that feet are an often forgotten and neglected part of our bodies and yet so important for most anything we do in life? Look down. Really, I mean it. Look at those feet and at the shoes that cover those feet. The shoes that protect those feet are also important and they carry great power. They are more than a fashion statement; they protect from injury and disease in places like Haiti, Honduras, Kenya and now the Bahamas. Shoes not only protect children’s feet, they are also necessary for them to be admitted into schools. Education is the number one buster of the poverty cycle here and around the world. Shoes help give children hope and the dignity that is needed for a future with success. Shoes also create jobs, micro-businesses, by being repurposed and sold giving income to a family in need. Who knew that your discarded shoes can help to eradicate poverty? Well, hopefully now you know.

I invite you during the month of September to be a Disciple that makes a Difference by bringing in new or slightly worn shoes (or donation to purchase shoes) to church. So, join me in cleaning out your closets, your kids’ closet and instead of filling up the landfill, bring those shoes to church. For the next three weeks you will see labeled boxes in our narthex for the collection of those shoes as together we take care of those around us by taking care of those beautiful feet!

For more information check out Soles4Souls at or ask Pastor Kimberly for more details.

Thank you for taking care! ~ Pastor Kimberly

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