Survey Says!


Our survey results are in!  This past November, 148 of our church members went online to take a rather lengthy survey provided to us through the Holy Cow! Consulting Company.  Our 2020 Vision Team – a group charged with creating a strategy-for-ministry report for Family of Christ commissioned this survey, and I secretly hoped that we’d have 100 or so responses.  But we far exceeded that goal, and got a treasure trove of information.  Pastor Jerry Wahl, who has been trained in interpreting the very thorough reports that Holy Cow! provides, met with Staff, Church Council, and the Vision Team in mid-December to spend some time going over the reports with us.     

Now we are inviting Jerry to visit us again in order to provide a Town Hall event where he will share an overview of the interpretation of our survey results.  The date is: Sunday, January 19 at 4 pm!  

If you are able to free up your schedule at that particular time, you will very much enjoy hearing about some of the trends and feedback which these surveys have provided.  This information helps paint a picture of how we see ourselves as a congregation, as well as where we see our growth points in the coming years.  The report from Holy Cow! will be a guiding document for our 2020 Vision Team as they continue their work throughout this coming year.   

I should add that our own Minister to Youth & Families, Andie Rydberg, created a slimmed down version of the survey and had middle and high school youth provide some interesting data from this younger set in our congregation.  That information will also be shared with the Vision Team as they discuss and think through ministry goals for Family of Christ.     

We now enter into our new year – a special 40th Anniversary year for FoC – with full faith and confidence in God’s everlasting guidance.  We are ready to worship, serve, learn, and give faithfully as we embrace each new day that God gives us to be joyful and faithful in our discipleship. 

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