Volunteer and Donate

Our mission statement and motto at Family of Christ is “Making Disciples, Making a Difference”. God calls all of us together to be God’s hands and feet to serve in a world of hurt. The opportunities below are in need of volunteers, supplies and/or donations.

Congregational Ministries:

Things you can do to help the church building and church community

Hunger Ministries:

Groups and organizations we support to help erase hunger in our area and in the world

Outreach Ministries:

Things you can do to help those beyond our walls

Seeds of Hope:

Student sponsorship program in El Salvador.

This program directly benefits students of all grade levels, including college, in El Salvador. Living in extreme poverty, many families cannot afford items required for school. This ministry currently supports 315 K-12 students and 35 university students, giving them opportunities for a better future. Contacts: Mark & Janice Laven.